Happy Birthday, Vincent!

Vincent is celebrating his birthday today! I’d like to wish him a very Happy Birthday and hope he is having a great day. Wishing you all the best and can’t wait for future film projects!

Vincent to star in “The Girl Who Invented Kissing”

Vincent Piazza, Suki Waterhouse Starring in ‘Girl Who Invented Kissing’

Vincent Piazza, Dash Mihok, Suki Waterhouse, Luke Wilson and Abbie Cornish are starring in the independent drama “The Girl Who Invented Kissing.”

Production launched recently in New York with Tom Sierchio directing from his own script and making his feature directorial debut. The producers are George Zakk and Corey Large with 308 Entertainment fully financing.

“The Girl Who Invented Kissing” is the story of two brothers, played by Piazza and Mihok, with the younger caring for the older. Their relationship is heightened by the sudden appearance of a young woman, played by Waterhouse, who brings excitement, adventure and a bit of danger into the lives of both siblings and the surrounding community.

Wilson and Cornish are in supporting roles. Wilson will be seen next in Will Smith’s “Concussion.”

Piazza starred in “Boardwalk Empire” and “Jersey Boys.” Mihok appears on “Ray Donovan.” Waterhouse is starring in “Billionaire Boys Club.”

Piazza and Mihok are represented by Gersh and Untitled Entertainment. Waterhouse is repped by CAA and Untitled. Wilson is repped by CAA and Hirsch Wallerstein. Cornish is repped by Untitled Entertainment.


Interview with “The Wannabe” Actors

(WTNH) – Ryan chats with some of the cast of Wannabe, a story of a “Wannabe” gangster set in 1992 during the John Gotti trial. The film is based on true events.

Michael Imperioli, Vincent Piazza, and Nick Sandow all share their unique connection and why they decided to film the movie.

The movie was shot in 35 locations in 20 days.

For more information about what the actors have to say about the film, watch the video above.

You can watch the film in select theaters now or on demand.


Imagista Interview


Imagista managed to catch up with the ever thoughtful, modest, and generous Vincent Piazza on the eve of the launch of his latest film, The Wannabe.

Vincent co-stars with Patricia Arquette and plays…well…a wannabe mobster with delusions of mobster glory.

Imagista: So you’ve got a new movie coming out? Tomorrow right? Can you tell us a little bit about the project? (Note: interview date was 12/03/15)

Vincent Piazza: Yeah sure. It’s a little film called The Wannabe and it was something I started working on a few years back with writer/director Nick Sandow and we co-developed the material. We both really wanted to make a smaller gritty little indie film together and we in pursuit of something. We’re both very familiar with the mob genre and it felt like the film presented an opportunity to maybe say something new and different. We also wanted to give it a unique look and feel as well as the story itself.

The story was actually inspired by a real life couple. My character, Thomas, has this diluted fantasy of being part of the mob but with no real access or wherewithal to be in the mob. And his partner Rose, played by Patricia Arquette, both enable each other down this dark maze of a road.

The story takes us on this really exciting ride and there’s some humor in there as well. It feels like a really well balanced piece. Continue reading